Get Britain Out

Justice Minister: Staying in EU makes UK less safe

In an important speech today, Dominic Raab MP highlights the danger that staying in the European Union poses to the UK. The Justice Minister argues that if we stay in the EU, we will be unable to take the steps needed to ensure our safety, such as controlling our own borders, deporting dangerous criminals and fully supporting our NATO allies. He points out that the sheer number of people entering the UK has made it harder for our intelligence services to monitor those presenting a ‘credible and current danger’.

The former chiefs of the CIA, NSA and MI6 have all said that our national security will be strengthened if we leave the EU. While we remain in the EU, the European Court controls how our intelligence services track terrorists. After we Vote Leave, we will be able to improve relations with our key allies. We will take back control of our borders to ensure we can keep out criminals who represent a danger to society. The safer choice is to Vote Leave on 23 June.

EU lets down steelworkers

Thousands of jobs in the UK’s steel industry are at risk as the EU continues to be slow to respond to the dumping of cheap Chinese steel into the European market. Eurocrats have been investigating how to address this since 2008, but have taken no action.

EU state aid rules means that the UK Government is very limited in its ability to support the steel industry. The EU’s delays have cost the UK’s steel industry £6.2 million and UK industry as a whole £41.1 million. So long as we’re in the EU we have given away control over key areas of our economy like trade policy. If we Vote Leave on 23 June, we will take back control and get the powers we need to help our struggling industries.

The IN campaign continues to do Britain down

The Government knows that it cannot provide any positive reasons for why the public should vote to stay in the EU. Downing Street realises that the Prime Minister’s deal won’t satisfy the British people. That is why the IN campaign are resorting to doing down Britain and suggesting that we won’t survive on our own.

Yesterday, Education Secretary Nicky Morgan played her part, claiming that young voters would lose out if we left the EU. The pro-EU minister argued leaving the EU would cut off the modern generation from the world. This is nonsense. The EU has been harmful for young people. It has driven up costs and forced down wages – while the record level of youth unemployment in southern Europe has created a lost generation on the continent.

After we Vote Leave, young people will still be able to work and travel abroad. Many countries outside the EU use the Erasmus student exchange scheme and benefit from EU university funding, whilst Interrailing – another of Mrs. Morgan’s scare stories – stretches far beyond the EU’s borders.

If we Vote Leave we can spend the £350 million we send to the EU each week on our priorities. Young people will benefit hugely from this, as they will grow up in a United Kingdom which can properly invest in its hospitals, schools, housing and other vital public services. The only way to achieve this is to Vote Leave on 23 June.

Don’t believe the scare stories about the UK leaving the EU. Remember…

As the Chairman of the IN campaign has admitted: ‘Nothing is going to happen if we come out … There will be absolutely no change … It’s not going to be a step change or somebody’s going to turn the lights out.’

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