The Left have no political argument against David Cameron

The left have no political argument against David Cameron. The left mention that David Cameron’s mother has spoken against a children’s centre closing. This is not because they can’t differentiate between a national government and a local council. It’s because they want to attack David Cameron. Now the left are talking about David Cameron’s father having money in tax havens.”How does this mean that the left have no political argument against David Cameron?” you may be thinking. Well as our greatest peace time prime minister said, if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left. There’s nothing more personal than family is there?

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5 Responses to The Left have no political argument against David Cameron

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    Isn’t it amazing that out of 11 million documents the first one they find is about David Cameron’s dad?

  2. This is just another red herring. The truth of the matter is we have just gone through the worst month for this government and still we are ahead in the polls. The Mirror in particular is incensed by this and the media is boringly trying to bring out anything and everything to throw mud – it will backfire on them. I predict, if they keep this up, that Labour vote will go down even more. The thing I love the most about British people is their sense of fairness and justice. Labour’s dirty tricks are now coming to the fore in the most seedy way and Corbyn is a bandwagon jumper of the first degree. The public will not be fooled by this. We see it time and time again from labour from the local level to national. They are not the nice party, nor are they elegant or proud – they are just an angry mob who, like the union paymasters, have the morals of an alley cat – and that’s an insult to alley cats

  3. George Warren says:

    Normally the left are deeply apologetic and embarrassed for our proud colonial past and empire bringing democracy to a third of the world, and they wished it had never happened.
    Now General Corbyn wants to invade and take over some British Crown Dependent Territories just because there have been offshore tax arrangements in such islands which everyone has always known about.
    (At the same time of course that he would give away the Falklands to Argentina.)

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