Ellesmere’s Latest Rant


In today’s Ipswich Star, David Ellesmere has demonstrated how he is out of touch with the residents of Gipping Ward and is unsuitable as a councillor, let alone leader of a council.

He showed how he was out of touch with the residents of Gipping Ward by talking about a dead man’s tax arrangements. As if any normal person gives a flying fart in space about a dead persons tax arrangements.

This video explains the facts.

But what I honestly found shocking about it was the number of lies he said. He called it an illegality. This is libelling a dead man because nothing illegal was done. He later insinuates that the Prime minister has avoided paying tax. David Cameron has not avoided paying any tax through his father’s investment.

The picture above the article tells us a lot too. It show’s what kind of anti-democratic thuggery Mr Ellesmere supports.


Yes, this is what is above his Star Column. A picture of people who are against the democratic will of the people. Let’s look at some other pictures from Sunday’s thuggery.



Oh the caring left!

There’s also a paragraph about what Ipswich Labour are going to spend the next six weeks harping on about. Naturally, Mr Ellesmere blames the Tories and offers no solution to anything.


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One Response to Ellesmere’s Latest Rant

  1. Blue Ed says:

    I recognise all those people in the Star picture -they attended the Conservative Party Conference last year.

    The BBC Breakfast Presenter on the video seems thoroughly disappointed that the investment they were talking about was so boring and unattractive, and despite digging, she could not find anything worth saying about it.

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