Ipswich Labour Junk Mail

Ipswich Labour has been delivering various pieces of junk mail and Ipswich Labour’s Favourite Blogger has obtained a number of copies. Basically it’s a collage of sound bites and misinformation. It repeats the  misinformation that they haven’t imposed the £50 charge on brown bins and obviously doesn’t mention that they put up council tax for everybody including people who live on the top floor of Cumberland Towers to pay for it instead.

It talks about strategic purchases when buying contaminated land outside the borough with borrowed money that the private sector wouldn’t touch with a budge pole, isn’t what anybody with any business acumen would consider strategic.

It talks about new council houses when they could have built more homes if they involved housing associations.

It claims that Suffolk is suffering savage police cuts. This is an absolute falsehood. Suffolk is getting an extra 30 police officers. It claims that violent crime and sexual assault have gone up in Suffolk. This isn’t true either. The number of sexual offences being reported has increased and the majority of them are historic, some going as far back as the 1960’s.


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