David Cameron Nullified the Corbyn effect in Ipswich

After David Cameron and George Osborne did everything they could to nullify the Corbyn effect, they didn’t manage to do it completely  on a national scale but in Ipswich, were very successful.

David Cameron’s contemptuous campaign against his foot soldiers in Ipswich started a while before the borough elections, when he visited Ipswich without letting the local party know and did a speech supporting Britain being part of that  rotten political entity based in Brussels. This was the start of his national campaign to limit the Corbyn effect.

After this Cameron continued to infuriate Conservative voters by being the cheerleader of Project Fear. If that wasn’t bad enough, he decided to burn £9,000,000 on this disgusting leaflet.


The really nasty things about this piece of filthy propaganda is that the Conservative Party position is officially neutral but Cameron decided to confuse the electorate with a leaflet claiming that the government ie the Tory Party, supports staying in the undemocratic, totalitarian, poverty creating, anti trade, political project. He cynically did this while Conservative activists were fighting local elections, knowing that those who wanted to leave wouldn’t fire back.

This campaign against Conservative council candidates encouraged Conservative voters to either stay at home or vote UKIP across the country and reduce the Corbyn effect, but  as the campaign was originally launched in Ipswich and David Cameron’s contempt for Conservative grass roots members was first revealed to us here, it was particularly devastating.

It is very difficult to fight a campaign when you know that you do not have the support of your party leader. Cameron and Osborne’s antics undermined what we were doing. I would like to thank everybody who voted Conservative in  Ipswich yesterday, especially those who voted for me. I’d also like to give a special thank you to Councillor Eddy Phillips who pointlessly helped me so much in Gipping ward. I doubt if I will be standing anywhere next year. I can not do anything for the Conservative Party while the cuckoo rules the nest.

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1 Response to David Cameron Nullified the Corbyn effect in Ipswich

  1. Tony Parsons says:

    Not bitter much? Laughable.

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