Some Facts About Immigration

An endless supply of cheap labour from Eastern Europe is keeping wages down. This suits the multi nationals who the EU works in favour of.

Many jobs that EU migrants take cannot be taken by British people because they are advertised in the languages of the EU citizens rather than in English. This is illegal but if you can’t speak the language you’ll never know will you?

We are unable to do background checks on EU nationals to stop foreign criminals entering the country this is a threat to our national Security. They keep saying that they’ll do something about it, but never do.

Open borders make human trafficking easy. Human Trafficking is the greatest scourge on humanity in our age.

We are unable to let in genuine asylum seekers and refugees while having no control of our borders. We have to refuse educated, qualified people in favour of unskilled workers to help big business fat cats feather their nests.

Our immigration system is racist against non Europeans.

None of this concerns many of our political elite because it allows them to have cheap nannies and Gardeners while everybody else gets screwed.

Vote for Brexit.

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