Remain Camps Referendum Communication

The Remain Camp are sending out a ‘Referendum Communication’ to targeted UK residents and it just so happens that a copy has been seen by the East Anglian Remain Camp’s favourite blogger. When I first saw it, I thought it was a Labour leaflet with its blocks of grainy red with white writing interspersed with black writing on a white background. On closer inspection the similarities between it and a Labour leaflet were even more startling. Just like a typical Labour leaflet, it is a collage of meaningless sound bites and disingenuous squit.

It claims that 3 million UK jobs are linked to our exports to the EU. It says that the source is an official treasury report but naturally it doesn’t tell you that the source is from a report made up in 1992.

The next claim is that each UK household is going to be £4,300 a year worse off. But it does not say that this is based on a 30 year prediction that has been proved wrong.

It then mentions that over 200,000 UK businesses trade with EU. So? They will continue trading with the EU after we leave.

It then talks about prices. Now I know Esau sold his birthright to Jacob for a bowl of soup, but for us to give up our sovereignty, national identity and democratic freedoms that our parents and grandparents fought for, for cheap phone calls and air fares? Not bloody likely!

Then it claims that if we leave we will have to make spending cuts of £36 billion. As we will be saving £18 billion a year in membership fees, I think they’re just trying to scare people. The fact is, if we left the EU, with the money saved we could end austerity.

The reverse side has a bit of  what the ‘experts’ are saying. None of these ‘experts’ seem to have had an opinion before the start of this year.

Frances O’Grady, the TUC general secretary said that Brexit would have implications on jobs and rights. So, if workers rights are all given to us by the European Union, what exactly is the point of the TUC?

Kathy Warwick, chief executive Royal College of Midwives said that staying in is better for midwives. Well British people aren’t having many children at the moment are they?

Businesswoman Karren Brady says that UK businesses can create more jobs in Europe than out on their own. Yes sure big businesses can but what about small and medium-sized businesses who tend to support Brexit? It’s good for big businesses because they can employ a lobbyist to go to the commission to keep control of the market and bind small and medium-sized businesses with red tape so that they are unable to complete.

It mentions Mark Carney saying that leaving the EU as a risk to finance but doesn’t mention that his predecessor, Sir Mervyn King disagrees.

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2 Responses to Remain Camps Referendum Communication

  1. COLIN UKIP says:

    Glad that you see sense. When are you joining UKIP THE ONLY PARTY THAT SUPPORTS BRITAIN?????

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