The Ipswich Remainiacs

The local Remainiac campaign is rather funny. Yesterday for instance in Ipswich after somebody got a phone call to be told that the Corn Hill was full of swashbuckling Brexiteers, the local Lib Dems branch of Stronger In decided to put up a stall of their own. One of the Lib Dems Remainiacs spent the afternoon regularly walking past the Vote Leave stall to count their guns, eventually the Remainiacs favourite blogger decided to pop round and count theirs. He observed that the remainiacs firepower was somewhat lacking. The remainiacs on two occasions with typical Lib Dem deviousness, tried to obtain information about Brexiteers campaign. On both occasions they were told that today is Tuesday.

Intelligence sources inform us that the local Remainiac campaign has the Lib Dems and the small amount of Remainiac Tories putting up stalls in town while the Labour Party does all the canvassing so that the local Labour Party can find out who all the Labour voters who are going to vote for freedom are and respond to any UKIP surge in the unlikely event that the remainiacs win.Naturally Labour don’t care about the future of our country and are doing what they are doing for the only thing they care about. Namely, the Labour Party.

Also yesterday the East of England Conservatives In campaign was launched in Thetford. This event was mentioned on Look Norwich and has sent a number of Conservative voters in the Eastern counties over to UKIP. Not that any of this will matter if the remainiacs win because if we remain in the EUSSR, voting in elections will be pointless because all the decisions will eventually be made by self appointed, anti democracy, totalitarian federalists in Brussels.


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