The Devastating Effect of EU Immigration

Here Priti Patel nails it when she says that the wealthy leaders of Remain will never know the devastating effect EU immigration has on ordinary people.

The ability to control our borders stands at the heart of the debate on whether or not Britain should leave the European Union. On June 23, there will be a clear choice on the ballot paper: either we vote to remain in the EU, which means continuing to have no control over our immigration system; or we vote to leave, and take control over migration in a way that is fair, balanced and serves our national interests.

Britain has a long and proud record of welcoming migrants. They have made many positive contributions to our economy. But the impact of uncontrolled immigration from the EU has placed new pressures on our country.

British families see in their daily lives the impact that the loss of control over our borders has placed on the services that they rely on. Schools, hospitals, public transport and housing are all struggling to cope with the growing demands placed upon them by immigration.

The consequences are there for all to see. The proportion of social housing and private rented accommodation occupied by migrants is rising, reducing the supply of available homes and pushing up prices.

School places are also being squeezed: by the end of the decade, the majority of the 100,000 new school places a year that the Government is funding will be needed just to accommodate the children of EU migrants already living in Britain and new waves of school-aged migrants who will come to the UK from Europe in the next few years.

 The overall numbers coming in from the EU are no less startling. Figures released last week show that there were 270,000 EU nationals settling in the UK last year. The net total of EU migrants – the difference between the numbers arriving and those leaving during the year – reached a record of 184,000 in 2015.

These numbers are enormous. Back in 2000, there were just 63,000 migrants arriving in Britain from the EU, while the net EU migration figure was just 6,000 – some 30 times lower than today. Such dramatic increases show no signs of slowing, and as long as Britain remains a member of the EU we are powerless to act.

These figures serve as a warning of the scale of migration we can expect when the EU expands again – as it surely will – to take in Turkey, Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia.


Pritti Patel is absolutely correct. They really don’t understand the devastating effect EU immigration has on ordinary people. But to this I’d like to add that they don’t care what happens to ordinary people anyway. Hence people like the incongruous, flip flopping David Cameron can talk vacuous nonsense about reform and make the most risible threats of the consequences of Brexit, just so the wealthy can get cheap labour and higher profits while normal people get screwed. All this while he nauseatingly claims to have a One Nation approach.

I’ve given up trying to see my GP. Those days are well and truly over. I have to make do with a nurse practitioner. The multi culti middle class left would like to blame the Tories but the truth is, immigration is destroying the NHS. A fifteen minute appointment can now take up to an hour and half as they phone up interpreters for people who can’t speak English after firstly establishing what their first language is. Does this bother the political elite and corporate fat cats who support remaining in the EU? Of course not!

Meanwhile EU migrants can dump rubbish in the street and spit their sun flower seeds everywhere and if you complain about the mess al this causes to the council, you are accused of being a racist.

After one wave of migrants start to get integrated another wave of migrants comes in and as community work is taking place to get them integrated, another wave comes in. Some want to integrate and some don’t but because of there being constant waves from different countries we end up with an absolute dogs breakfast of a situation. The only way integration can take place to bring about community cohesion is to stop the number s of migrants coming and the only way to stop the present level of immigration is to leave the EU.


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