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Ipswich Tories, Labour and UKIP combine to say #VoteLeave

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Referendum debate, Tuesday 17th May in Ipswich

There will be a referendum speech at The Meeting Place (Community Centre), Limerick Close, Whitehouse, Ipswich at 7.45 p.m. on Tuesday, 17th May. The guest speaker on the EU Referendum will be one of the East of England’s UKIP MEP … Continue reading

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Ipswich Labour claiming responsibility for something they didn’t do

On Ipswich Labour’s website, David Ellesmere claims that Labour’s scaremongering leaflets have caused the County Council to U-Turn on the Fire Service Cuts. What disingenuous rubbish! The County Council have responded to the consultation, not anything Ipswich Labour have said. … Continue reading

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My week ahead 16-21 May 2016

Monday 16 May Campaigning for Brexit. Tuesday 17 May Campaigning for Brexit. Wednesday 18 May Campaigning for Brexit. Thursday 19 May Campaigning for Brexit. Friday 20 May Campaigning for Brexit. Saturday 21 May Campaigning for Brexit. This next week the … Continue reading

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How they are trying to rig the referendum

Here Peter Oborne says George Osborne has a very poor record when judged by his performance as Chancellor. His budgets have been a series of shambles — marked by humiliating U-turns such as being forced to abandon plans for £1.3 … Continue reading

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Smug John Major tells the poor Ignore the immigrant sex attacks, terror threats, or you are dividing society

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Sir John Major’s latest speech on immigration is apppalling . Smug,  callous and unfeeling are the words that come to mind.   It shows he is completely out of touch now and has no idea how…

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Some Facts About Immigration

An endless supply of cheap labour from Eastern Europe is keeping wages down. This suits the multi nationals who the EU works in favour of. Many jobs that EU migrants take cannot be taken by British people because they are … Continue reading

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