The Secret People 2016

Lie to us, bribe us, patronise us; but do not quite forget;
For we are the people of Britain, that never have spoken yet.
There is many a  farmer ruined by the common Agricultural policy,                                      There is many a trawler-man ruined by the fishing quota’s policy.
There are no folk in the whole world, who would tolerate this.
There is anger in our hearts; for our country we do miss.
You bully us , brow beat us, with tales of doom after Brexit:
Only you do not know us. For we have not spoken yet.

People we have never heard of line up to give us an exhortation
Speaking of disaster and our nation’s damnation.
You stand shoulder to shoulder with those who are threatening us;
You say how right they are to make such a fuss.
Your eyes see not the terrible consequence of immigration every day,
And if you did you probably wouldn’t care anyway.
We were once strong and you made us weak.
You belittled us and still we did not speak.


You discern not that the lions shall roar once again.
We hear the world calling us back; we shall lift ourselves from this pain,
And yet you are so blinded, you just haven’t got a clue,
We are preparing to speak and give Little Napolean Juncker his Waterloo.
They buried us in paperwork and pointless regulation that reeks
They moved against democracy and ruined the Greeks
We have no control of our borders or control of our sea,
You claim it is good for us, this bloody misery.


They have given us into the hand careerist tyrants,
Ideologically driven to get what they want.
Imposing austerity and regulation while they take all the cash
It’s nothing but a bloody racket and it we are going to smash,
Our rights so bravely fought for they attack
We want our country back.


We have heard you speaking  lies about reform so sweet
Yet there is no one who speaks our language, in the street.
We can stand against all trails great and adverse
But we must get our country back, at first.
Our heads held high our pride restored.
We are One Nation in one accord.
We are the people of Britain and we have not spoken yet.

Lie to us, belittle us. But do not quite forget.

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