The Common Agricultural Policy

The Common Agricultural Policy is designed to raise the price we pay for food to help subsidize inefficient farmers in France, Spain, Portugal and elsewhere. A combination of quotas, taxes, subsidies and other policies all push up the prices that we pay for foods. For instance, New Zealand lamb costs 18% more in the UK than it does in the USA due to European Union policies.

The impact of Higher food prices hits poorer people most, as they spend a greater portion of the income on food. Over the past 10 years a typical low income family in the UK has spent 2% of their total expenditure supporting the European Union’s Common Agricultural Policy. On average a UK family of 2 adults and 2 children would save £45 per month on their food bill if it were not for the wasteful European Union policies that affect food prices.

Not only this but the Common Agricultural Policy is also keeping poor countries poor with quotas and tariffs, making farmers in developing countries unable to compete..

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