Various Costs of Political Union

Being part of the European Union means our food prices have increased because of the food subsidies given to farmers in other countries.  Fishing stocks have decreased due to the European Union’s disastrous Fisheries policy. Regulations passed by the European Union have reduced our choice over what we can buy and having increased the cost of our shopping

Big businesses have been able to lobby the European Union for their own benefit pushing up our energy bills. Inside the European Union we are being pulled into the European Union energy Union that could increase the control of large corporations over our energy needs.

The NHS requires the very best of care and attention. Inside the European Union, regulations reduce the ability for trained professionals to work. Inside the European Union money that could be spent on the NHS is instead going to bureaucrats in Brussels that have their interests at heart and not ours.

Policing services are under threat and the security of our local Communities is being compromised. Cuts in police numbers and further planned cuts to police budgets could leave the public unprotected against serious crime. Outside the European Union the government could use the money we pay every year to the European Union for membership, for investment in policing.

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