Remainiac Guru Gummer Causes Convention to be Broken

Brexiteer Tories will now not notify Remainiac Tories when they visit their constituency. After rabid remainiacs  started mysteriously appearing at  Vote leave rallies in York, Winchester and Ipswich, Vote Leave has changed its policy so that any Tory MPs supporting the continued subjugation of Great Britian, will now no longer be given any prior notice of rallies by the campaign in their seats.

The final straw  came when a large crowd of remainiacs flocked around Boris Johnson and Michael Gove in Ipswich. This was enthusiastically tweeted about by local Remainiac Guru, Ben Gummer.

Ben Gummer who by the looks of his office, clearly puts his beloved EUSSR above his constituents, the majority of which are voting against us remaining part of the anti-democratic, poverty creating, federalist project, is well known for his ridiculous Europhile views. But I don’t think any of us knew just how far he would go to keep us in the sovereignty destroying, enterprise stifling, Neo-Con plan. He is making the Lib Dems look like honest, clean campaigners. But then, as the Lib Dems are all out with him in la la land in regard to the EU, they are naturally very keen to join in the dirty, underhand, dishonest methods of campaigning to allow the political elite and corporate fat cats to keep the gravy train running.

As I know how much he loves this intollerable situattion the EU has us in,  I will be willing to console Remainiac Guru Gummer and his remainiac disciples after the nation votes to leave.

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