My week ahead 13 – 19 June 2016

Monday 13 June – Campaigning for Brexit

Tuesday 14 June  – Campaigning for Brexit

Thursday 16 June – Campaigning for Brexit

Friday 17 June – Campaigning for Brexit

Saturday 18 June – Campaigning for Brexit

As we enter the final stages of our campaign to restore freedom and democracy to this sceptred isle, the momentum is most certainly with us Brexiteers. Our positive message about taking control has knocked Project Fear for six.

This week we found out just how out of touch the LibLabCon establishment are. Not only did Archremainic Cameron try to scare pensioners after many of them had already sent in their postal votes but Labour demonstrated just how out of touch they are with their voters. Labour, on realising that their core vote are going to vote Leave, decidided to try and persuade them to vote Remain  by having Hampstead Fabian,  Ed Milliband go on that bastion of middle class, multi culti liberalism, Radio 4. As if Labour’s core vote are going to be listening to that!

Labour have been out of touch with their core vote for the last 30 years but now they are making it obvious. Intelligence sources inform Ipswich Labour’s favourite blogger that many of Ipswich Labour’s hardcore activists are not campaigning for Labour In, due to the amount of abuse they are getting on the doorstep by their own voters.Many of them are probably wanting the country to vote leave because a remain vote would cause Labour to be utterly destroyed by UKIP.

This weekend the Lib Dem Remainiacs were in Ipswich Town Centre looking dishevelled  and forlorn and as if they weren’t wet enough, got drenched in a monsoon like deluge of rain. On Sunday the Tory Remainiacs were in Bury Saint Edmunds where the majority of people are voting for Brexit like everywhere else in the country. They wrote a lot of squit about it being a great success on social media. Also on Sunday, Vote Leave were in Colchester where Liam Fox was absolutely brilliant. The tide is most certainly with the Brexiteers and Great Britain shall be a free democracy again.

We know we have the Remainiacs on the run due to the aggression displayed by some of them. In Ipswich on a number of occasions Brexiteers have suffered abuse from Remainiacs. Remainiacs favourite words being fascist, bigot, and racist. They have also been a lot of occasions where remainiacs have threatened violence, pushed Brexiteers, knocked over stalls and burst balloons. Yet they have the audacity to claim the football hooligans in France are typical out supporters.

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