The not so gilded childhood of Boris Johnson


To hear Labour tell it, Boris Johnson is a “toff” who had a gilded childhood, pampered and spoilt rotten in the lap of luxury.  The reality was rather different.  The Johnson kids endured a regime that would have made Sparta proud.   No treats, no holidays, no mollycoddling and regular beatings made them what they all are today,  huge successes.  Far from resenting the lack of spoiling, the Johnsons all say that this tough regime was the making of them.borismaximusBoris and his three siblings, Rachel, Leo and Jo, were provided with the essentials, then pretty much left to their own devices. There were masses of books, but no toys or gadgets, so they made their own fun.  The result was they all grew up as fiercely independent thinkers, with inner resources, and they all succeeded in getting into Oxbridge (in Boris’s case, he won scholarships to both Eton and Oxford.  At Eton, he was a Kings…

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