The EU and workers Rights

The Remainiacs have spoken a lot about workers rights nearly to the point that you’d think that the Tolpuddle Martyrs were a committee of MEP’s.

EU legislation gives 4 weeks paid holiday leave while here in the UK we have 5.6 weeks paid holiday leave

The EU gives 14 weeks maternity leave. Meanwhile here in the UK we have 52 weeks maternity leave. Furthermore, there is no minimum pay during maternity leave in the EU. But in the UK you have 90% for 6 weeks then £140 for 33 weeks.

When it comes to equal pay, it was made law in this country in 1970. This was before the UK joined the European Union. Also when it comes to wages the EU has no minimum wage while the United Kingdom does.

So the European Union does not give us workers rights. If it did, what would be the point of the TUC?

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