Revenge of the Regions

London and Scotland voted Remain but at counts across the rest of the country, possibly  the most enjoyable sight in British politics was seen. That is, pompous, smug liberals looking miserable. Then as dawn broke the London-centric, multi culti, middle class, liberal left started to realise that their out of touch point of view, had been crushed by democracy.

After years of the country being dragged along by the metropolitan, liberal elite, Thursday’s result saw the Revenge of the Regions with the South East, the North West, the East, the South West, the West Midlands, Yorkshire and Humberside, the  East Midlands and the North East all voting to leave.

It’s as if the Hampstead Fabians and the Notting Hill Set Tories thought that the rest of the country agreed with them. Then we had all the luvies coming out of the woodwork claiming that leave voters are all thick or that they were misinformed by the press or that they were bashing the Tories. They don’t actually understand that the traditional working class are capable of thinking for themselves.

We in the rest of the country voted out because we want a say in who writes the laws that govern us, we want democratic representation, we do not want to be bossed around by Brussels, We want less red tape designed to help big business, we want controlled immigration, we want our fishing industry to thrive, we want an end to the EU giving companies grants to relocate in Eastern Europe, we want our steel industry to thrive and much more. For decades we have taken it with a stiff upper lip but on Thursday we said “Not bloody likely.”

Years of been told you aint as good as us
Join the line, sign your name,
And they all said that our country ‘s going bust
But no one’s fooling us again.
England belongs to me,

:-Cock Sparrer

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