What Promise to spend £350 million on NHS?

Iian Duncan Smith has rightfully said that the £350m extra  to the NHS wasn’t a promise, but an extrapolation! It was indeed a hypothetical suggestion of what the known quantity could be spent on. Clearly it wasn’t a promise because Vote Leave wasn’t in the position to make such a promise. Vote Leave is a campaign organisation, not a political party, we were not campaigning to form the next government and we haven’t done so. But some in the Remain camp are doing gymnastics with semantics to claim it was a promise and suggesting that Vote Leave must give the money to the NHS. Personally I’d rather it was used to end austerity.

Hilariously 38 Degrees have started a petition to be sent to the UK government for the money to be spent on the NHS. As the government never promised it, this is yet another silly petition.

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