Nigel Farage’s Last Stand

Nigel Farage’s political career is dependent on discontent. A happy Britain would be one in which he was irrelevant. So today Nigel Farage has been back in the European parliament being an absolute pillock, insulting everybody, making it harder for us to negotiate by being an undiplomatic, idiotic, polemicist.

Nigel Farage should not be part of any UK lead team to negotiate the terms of the UK leaving the EU. The quicker he gets under a rock in the land of obscurity, the better.

I would like to apologise to my European friends for Nigel Farage’s disgraceful, insults and undiplomatic polemic outbursts today. He does not represent the majority of British people and is quite frankly, a bloody embarrassment.

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1 Response to Nigel Farage’s Last Stand

  1. Pam Kelly says:

    Nigel Farage gave us the referendum, and his opinion on the results of the negotiations (that may get started sometime if we are lucky) will carry enormous weight. If the results are not to the liking of the British people, there could be a UKIP landslide at the next general election – even if we have to wait for 2020 for it.
    He may be belligerent, undiplomatic, and downright rude, but he does represent Britain – at least that part of it for which he is an MEP – and he is a great deal more representative of Britain than the slimy little Scottish MEP that was applauded in the EU parliament, for attempting to disassociate his region from the democratic decision of the UK electorate (it wasn’t us, we did what you wanted, it was them others)

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