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At the count in Ipswich last week, the local Lib Dems looked fantastic. After beginning the evening looking their smug selves, they finished off looking dishevelled and miserable.

Lib Dem leader Tim Farron has stated that the best way to deal with people who feel so they have been ignored who voted for Brexit is to ignore them and ignore the democratic will of the people. This has lead to  a surge in democracy haters joining the disingenuous, illiberal, anti -democratic party. In a statement Tim Farron also told a number of lies, claiming the economy is in chaos.


That stock market turmoil in full.

Tim Farron has also attended a number of anti democracy rallies in London along with the odious Anna Soubry, talking about what they see as the evils of democracy.

The Liberal Democrats clearly hate democracy and have contempt for it and this explains why they love the democracy hating, totalitarian political entity that is the EU.

Maybe the Ipswich Lib Dems should put a motion before the council calling for only Saint Margaret’s Ward residents to have the vote.


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1 Response to Lib Dem Focus

  1. Paul says:

    Don’t forget Nick Clegg said there would be 3 million job losses. .

    In 2019 will he say sorry once proved wrong for his role in project fear?

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