The Anti Democracy Protests

Yesterday around 30,000 fascist, anti democracy protesters marched through London praising their favourite federalist dictatorship. They chanted vacuous, emetic, pro EU balderdash and abused Leave voters.


Protesters setting off from Park Lane yesterday

The phalanxes of brainwashed automatons were absolutely venomous towards the democratic will of the people. Some of their number claimed there were at least 50,000 of them. Which of course is considerably short of the  17.5 million that voted for Brexit.

They marched from Park Lane to the Houses of parliament to hear a number of anti democracy, celebrity wind bags.

A number of people said that they could have accepted the result if they had won it. Second rate pop star, Jarvis Cocker held up a world map and said: “You cannot deny geography. The UK is in Europe. How can you take it out?”clearly not understanding the difference between geography and the totalitarian, anti democratic regime that he defends.

Billie Piper said: “We’re all entitled to an opinion.” Which of course according to the protesters, we are as long as it is their opinion.


A bigoted protester abusing Leave Voters Yesterday

There was also a lot of aggressive abuse and violence aimed at leave voters. One woman was particularly abusive and is now all over social media being exposed as the nasty, fascist bigot she is.

David Lammy MP, who is campaigning to have the decision voted down in the Commons said. “Look at this Nigel Farage, look at this Boris Johnson, look at this Michael Gove,” as if the mob of subservient Zombies were more important than the 17.5 million people who voted for freedom.


A Foreign  Protester Yesterday

One foreign protester who is also now a star on social media, was very abusive towards Leave Voters claiming they had betrayed  him and that Britain was not great. He ranted about how much he hated this country just like all the left wing compliant, numbskull’s he was protesting with.

Bob Geldoff gave a speech saying that they must continue to fight to overturn the democratic right of the people.


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