The Destruction of the Labour Party

David Ellesmere in an act of treachery to his dear leader, has called for Jeremy Corbyn to step down. Though Jane Basham who is tipped to be the Ipswich parliamentary candidate next time supports him.

How David Ellesmere could be so disloyal is beyond me. All those new members Jeremy Corbyn has brought to the party and the way it’s going, David Ellesmere might be offered a place in the shadow cabinet next week.

Militant Momentum with Jeremy Corbyn are brilliantly destroying the Labour Party and all Labour members should support them  in their quest.

Militant Momentum will have control of the Labour Party for at least a decade making them totally unelectable and no new leader will be able to change it.

Seeing the Labour party destroyed for three quid is an absolute bargain.



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5 Responses to The Destruction of the Labour Party

  1. Paula says:

    Is Jane Basham really that left wing?

  2. Kevin Algar says:

    No he’s a Red Tory.

  3. Paula says:

    If the Corbynistas are so convinced with their message why don’t they put forward their own candidates in 2020?

    Its the only way out of the deadlock surly?

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