Why undemocratic Remain are just sore losers


There was a  Remain demo in the London streets today, as thousands of people marched against the “unfair” Leave victory in the EU Referendum.  The complaints fall broadly into two categories.  a) the Leave win was based on lies and b) Leave only won by a small margin.georgeprojectfearFor every so called Leave “lie” disputed by Remain, I can think of at least two spouted by Remain.  For example, as Nadine Dorries says, Osbo lied to us over Turkey’s EU application, Turkey is in talks with the EU right now.   And David Cameron broke so many rules, I have lost count. Meanwhile,  Mr. Project Fear, George Osborne, is busily panicking the markets,  talking down Britain and blaming his mishandling of the economy on Brexit.

@Bigmikky tweeted: Remain lies already exposed: EU Releases Plan Further Expansion, An EU Army, AND Turkish Membership bit.ly/298fa27#marchforeurope

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2 Responses to Why undemocratic Remain are just sore losers

  1. Paul says:

    The remain camp needs to remember their single government branded leaflet to every household cost £9m. Total Vote Leave budget was £7m. If the Civil Service machine was excluded and offices of state observed the rules then the leave vote would have been much more decisive. That’s without many other things that blatantly tried to load the dice.

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