Racisim, Immigration and Brexit

Since the vote to leave the EU there has been an eruption of racism. Now where as the leave vote caused the eruption, it did not cause the volcano. The fact is, racial tension has been building up beneath the surface for some time. It is all to easy for the liberal left to blame Brexit for racism and to dismiss leave voters as racist, ignorant Neanderthals. But wave after wave of migrants had caused pressure to build up and the vote for  Brexit was the earthquake that caused the caldera to crack. It would have cracked eventually anyway and the eruption would have been significantly worse.

Some of the instances show a significant problem that has developed. For instance the instance of  employees at a depot in Thetford chanting “you’re going home” to Eastern European colleagues, shows a lack of integration with the Eastern Europeans and English in two separate groups. The lack of integration is a cause of tension. The volume of economic migrants coming has caused the lack of integration. Unfortunately this is of no concern to  the liberal left who run this country because  they love diversity, low wages and cheap nannies and gardeners.

There are a couple of claims to explain why some of us can no longer see our GP. One is that we have an ageing population who need to see a doctor more and the other is that it is because of Tory cuts. Both explanations are not true.  The fact is that young people tend to have children and the language barrier makes it harder.

But as we are ruled by a bunch of people who live in a parrelel universe, none of this means anything. For instance, Anna Soubry said that leave voters were middle aged white people who have probably never seen a migrant. Now it just so happens that Anna Soubry is the MP for Broxstowe which just so happens to have voted by 54.6% to leave the EU. Maybe she should start representing her constituents instead of the metropolitan elite with their dozy, ignorrant oppinions. Here is the problem. The political establishment hasn’t got a bloody clue about what is going on. The core vote of both main parties voted to leave the EU and Westminster can’t fathom out why.

My neighbourhood is the same now as it was before the referendum. There are still some struggling to integrate and the only way they can integrate is by being given time to do so without another wave of migrants coming in increasing the tension.


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