Corbyn’s Kinder Politics


Jeremy Corbyn is the eternal leader of the Labour Party. He has such a dictatorial grip on power that because Angela Eagle challenged his leadership, Corbyn’s henchtrots in her local constituency party are putting forward a motion to have her deselected for her un-socialist act of non-compliance. Story here

To further discourage Angela Eagle from challenging the eternal leader, his totalitarian supporters have attacked her office today throwing a brick through the window of it. She has been forced to cancel appointments because of threats of violence. She was due to appear at a hotel but pulled out after the manager received calls threatening the meeting. Staff are refusing to pick up phones because of abuse from Corbyn’s Rentatrots labelling her a fucking bitch.

More here.

Corbyn has responded with this tweet

Which basically means. Obey me, follow me or my dogs will get you.

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