Lib Dem Focus


The leader of the Liberal Democrats, Tim somebody, claims that the country needs a General Election, but being a hapless Lib Dem, he is suggesting the impossible due to the Fixed Parliament Act which was one of the yellow peril’s ideas. Why he wants a General election is anyone’s guess, after all, the Lib Dems don’t believe in democracy. This is why after losing the referendum on AV they insisted on AV being used in police and Crime Commissioner Elections and after losing the EU referendum they say that a Lib Dem government would reverse Brexit.

Locally in Ipswich, The Lib Dems had a meeting last week at the Cricketers pub, drowning their sorrows over the referendum result. Coincidently, East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger was down there drinking with some of his mates who were all amazed at how weird they all were.


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2 Responses to Lib Dem Focus

  1. Paula says:

    I thought the Liberals supported the idea of a EU referendum?

    Or under a new leader have they changed their mind on this?

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