My week ahead, 19 – 24 September 2016

Tuesday 20 September – 6pm, South West Area Committee meeting
Thursday 22 September – 6pm, Ipswich Borough Full Council meeting

This week I have a question which I have submitted to the South West Area Committee about how this lousy council of ours doesn’t care about the Ipswich West End. It concerns a couple of things that make the area look like a run down ruinous mess to encourage voter apathy. I have also submitted this question to the Full Council and I may withdraw it if I am given a satisfactory answer at the South West Area Committee.

I have also submitted a question to full council concerning the renaming of Civic Drive.

This week I attended the Central Area Committee and it was good getting information concerning the issues in Westgate Ward.

Also this week a prominent local political activist was rather put back when I told them they were slimy and I told them to note that I said it to their face rather than on their favourite blog. I won’t name them because I don’t do ad hominem. But I mention it because I found their obsequious reaction very interesting.

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