Tim Farron in Norwich

Yesterday, the leader of some obscure political party called the Liberal Democrats was in Mustard City. Apparently the bloke, called Tim somebody, was there after being invited by Mustard City based newspaper, The New European, which is a vile publication full of pro EUSSR gibberish.

The bloke called Tim was in the city of Dumpling County for a question and answer session on his beloved EUSSR. No doubt he decided to speak there because the people of Naaaaridge voted to remain, confirming what us Ipswich people have always said.

We have been informed that not many people showed up. Probably because nobody had ever heard of the bloke. At the meeting, the obscure politician said that he hopes leading Brexit campaigners will live long enough to apologise for what they have done to their children’s future.

He wants us to apologize?
Not bloody likely!
These remaoaners need to get a grip.

He spoke last night after making a complete prat of himself at Prime Ministers Questions which can be seen here. .

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2 Responses to Tim Farron in Norwich

  1. Blue Ed says:

    When are the Lib Dems and other “remainers” in Labour & the SNP going to remember that the question on the Ballot Paper was Do you want to Remain or Leave the European Union?

    It was NOT-
    a) Do you want to remain a member of the Single Market – where Brussels continues to control our borders, laws and we remain subject to the European Court of Justice and other European Institutions (AKA soft brexit), or
    b) Do you want to remain in the European Union on the Special Status arrangement negotiated by David Cameron, whereby Brussels continues to control our borders, laws and we remain subject to the European Court of Justice and other European Institutions, with a provision to taper tax credits for a 4-year for people moving to the UK to 2024 only? (AKA no Brexit).

    Fortunately our brilliant Prime Minister Theresa May unhesitatingly accepts the historic decision of the British People and will fulfil the terms of the Referendum result. As David Dimbleby stated, the decision taken in 1975 has been reversed.

  2. Jon says:

    Well Tim and Clegg said 3 million jobs would be lost if we left the EU. Will they apologie in three years time for scaring the British people along their full role in Project Fear after coming up without a single positive statement about the EU?

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