David Ellesmere’s Latest Star Column

In today’s Morning Ipswich Star, Captain Mainwaring tells us why he thinks we should be subjugated by EUSSR law. He starts off by bashing the Tories, claiming she who shall be known as our greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill, hides behind a smoke screen. He waffles about the Great Repeal Bill, claiming that the government has a secret plan to remove workers rights through it. He also claims that two years isn’t long enough to be disentangled after Article 50 is triggered. But the truth is that Article 50 was designed in such a way to discourage members of the Supranational empire from leaving the poverty creating, democracy hating federalist dictatorship.

Captain Mainwaring then comes out with some things that are blatantly not true. He claims that workers will lose entitlement to holidays and maternity pay and rights. This is not true. EUSSR legislation gives 4 weeks paid holiday leave while here in Brexitannia, we have 5.6 weeks paid holiday leave. The undemocratic project gives 14 weeks maternity leave. Meanwhile here in this Blessed Plot, we have 52 weeks maternity leave. Furthermore, there is no minimum pay during maternity leave in the Brussels based dictatorship. But in the Mother of the Free, you have 90% for 6 weeks then £140 for 33 weeks.

The idea that diktats directives from the European Protectionist Racket that give workers rights, would be scrapped after the dread and envy of them all, regains its freedom, is ridiculous. The Health and Safety at Work Act was passed before this Happy Breed was deceived into joining the Magna Carta usurping, glorified  politicians dinner club. Also the Health and Safety at Work Act was passed by a Conservative government. 

The Tolpuddle Martyrs were practising Methodists, not EUSSR commissioners.

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