Remoaner Fascists

Yesterday evening I received an alarming Email from Labour Leave.

Here is the Email.

More than 17million people voted for Brexit in June. Yet the remoaners seem to want to ignore the democratic rights of the British people, and even worse so, they continue to place unnecessary pressure on young Leave voters, making them feel like they were either duped into voting to leave or that they were somehow racist and/or stupid. A recent article in the Telegraph by Georgia Roberts brutally exposes the harsh reality that leave students are being made to suffer everyday. Here is an extract from the article:

The dust that is settling on the rest of the country has morphed into an ominous cloud of resentment within the most valued spaces of academia. I, and many other students, lament the loss of free speech and tolerance that used to underpin British university values.

Brexiteer students have to be twice as knowledgeable, and twice as articulate when debating with the Remain majority among our age group; we never quite know where the argument of the opposition is going to be taken next.

From suggestions that we’re in cahoots with all manner of public enemies (you probably did your internship with the EDL this summer, didn’t you?), to personal attacks and insults. A friend told me she had more or less been shouted out of her own living room, such was the fury of student Remainers at her brazen Brexiteerness.

In fact, this same student says she has had enough. After that incident, she will confess to no one else that she voted Leave. She will no longer speak of it at university for fear of being labelled a menace to society by other students.

I recently attended a meeting of BAME (black, Asian, and minority ethnic) students where we discussed what the referendum result may mean for us.

The point of this meeting was to engage with each other’s opinions and experiences. However, it was soon evident that any black student – such as myself – who raised points that were not in line with prominent black bourgeois Remainers – the Lammys, Abbotts and Umunnas of the world – would be met with stoic silence.

Those of us who were offended and appalled at David Lammy’s attempts to thwart democracy, for example, were not met with engagement. It was even suggested to me after the meeting that I was “doing a Steven Woolfe”; in other words, someone of black heritage shamelessly selling out to white Britain for white acclaim. A shocking philosophy.

Yet the Remaoners have the audacity to claim the Leave voters are ignorant bigots. It is an absolute disgrace that people are suffering from political bullying due to exercising their democratic choice. It seems that fascism is on the rise in the UK and those who are being fascists are those  who claim to be ardently against fascism. We all need to work together to stamp out this blatant prejudice and ignorance.

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