Farewell to Bryony Rudkin

Suffolk county councillor and borough councillor, Bryony Rudkin is not standing in next years county council elections, East Anglia’s Premier Political blog can exclusively reveal.

There are two stories about why she is not standing. One story is that Corbyn’s henchtrots within Ipswich Labour consider her to be the ultimate example of a Red Tory and have deselected her as part of the Corbynite, ideological purge to make Labour unelectable for the next thirty years.

The other story which shall be Ipswich Labour’s official reason is more interesting. The cover story is that she has willingly gave up her county seat to spend more time on her borough work. Of course, the whole idea that somebody would give up a seat on a council that deals with education, public health, adult care, highways and a host of other things, to spend more time dealing with wheelie bins and dog crap sounds somewhat risible.

One explanation for the second story is that she is stepping down to up her profile on the borough because she wants to be the Labour parliamentary candidate for Ipswich. If true, the problem she has is, Corbyns’s henchtrots in Ipswich Labour have already decided that the parliamentary candidate is going to be their fellow Corbynista, Jane Basham, who was under the outrageous delusion that she was going to win South Suffolk last time.

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