Allez Marine


Barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Ipswich Labour activist, Corbynista Comrade Coates says here

But all is not well in the Ipswich Conservative Association..

Leading activist, former Tory council candidate, and Brexit supporter, Kevin Algar, the Terror of Saint Jude’s, is now backing Marine Le Pen for French President.

He comments on Facebook today, “She will win, the EU will collapse and the people of Europe shall be free

As Comrade Coates is Islamophobic, I’m surprised he doesn’t support her himself as she wants to ban Muslims praying in public. We have not managed to ascertain Islamophobia’s compatibility with liberte, egalite, fraternite,  but then ideologues always adhere to contradictory Maxims.

Mr Coates has spoken a bit on Facebook about reductions in the fire service in Suffolk, while in France Marine Le Pen says

Tout mon soutien à nos pompiers, qui méritent qu’on prenne bien mieux en compte leurs légitimes demandes

Which means that she supports French firefighters and believes that they deserve a better account of their legitimate demands.

You would think that the Trotskyite loon would consider her frères.

Madam Le Penn also wants to eradicate violence on women in France. Of this she says

Les violences faites aux femmes sont une insulte à notre civilisation, un fléau contre lequel je mènerai une action lucide et énergique.

There is an article about violence against women in France here. In France  220,000 women suffer today.

If Marine Le Pen wins the French presidency, the re-emergence of the cold war would cease and Russia would rightfully be considered as part of Europe. It would also lead to the destruction  of the odious European Union, so that Europe will be free from the tyrannical, democracy hating, supranational dictatorship that is cunningly disguised as a trading arrangement.

Allez Marine

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