Fidel Castro

Let’s remember the people in Havana who dream of real freedom while the state agents posted on main street corners constantly watch them. Let’s  remember all those political dissidents who were beaten and jailed for opposing Castro, many of which still languish in Cuban jails

Castro’s utopia involved state control of all media, a one party state with all political opposition banned and activists jailed, schools turned into indoctrination centres, private property abolished, all industrial, manufacturing, financial, commercial companies nationalized and Big Brother everywhere.

Over five decades of dictatorship, Fidel Castro built a repressive system that punished virtually all forms of dissent.This repression was codified in law and enforced by security forces, and a state controlled judiciary. Human rights defenders, journalists and trade unionists were brutally imprisoned. Some were forced into exile.

300px-batistafiresquad Then there was the executions. Prisoners were taken to the town cemetery and they would have to wait in line and witness the other executions, before they themselves were shot. Blood was extracted from the prisoners and sold to the Viet Cong.

Those executed included children.


Castro  sent thousands of gay men and others to concentration camps and  locked people with HIV up in quarantine, never allowed to leave until they were dead.

For more than 50 years, Cubans have braved the 90-mile, shark-infested stretch of water between Cuba and Florida. In search of freedom from Fidel Castro’s unbelievably brutal tyranny. They’ve set sail in flotillas of rickety fishing boats, ingeniously converted cars, and crude home made rafts. Some left under machine gun fire as the atrocious regime tried to keep them under its oppression.

The adulation of that monster displayed by many of the left makes me sick to the bottom of my stomach. Is this their idea of paradise

Never, ever forget that Fidel Castro created a thriving, free, democratic and wealthy Latin American community. In Miami.





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4 Responses to Fidel Castro

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    The left adore tyranny.

  2. ericwalker says:

    And I feel sick that you can write such a one sided report about Cuba. Castro was not a communist when he freed the country from the Batista dictatorship. But the USA in its hysteria ( remember McCarthyism?) attacked Castro from the start. Russia saw its opportunity and went in.

  3. Jack R says:

    Please don’t forget that this tyrant was partly responsible for nearly causing World War III in 1962. If he and Kruschev had not backed down, then none of would be here now.

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