Labour’s Latest Whimsical NHS Campaign in Ipswich

Out of fear of the very likely possibility of being obliterated by UKIP at the next general election, the Labour party has started a whimsical campaign  called ‘Care for the NHS’ We have been informed that the adults in Ipswich Labour were out in Priory Heath as part of this campaign against  UKIP over the weekend and while the adults were in Priory, the Cobynites were in town.


Corbynites Campaigning by the Giles statue.

The most interesting thing about the above picture is the Jeremy Doll sitting on the Giles Statue. Apparently a devout adherent of the Jeremy cultus makes them and indulges in the capitalist activity of selling them. There is a rumour that sensible members of Ipswich Labour who would like a Labour government, like to put pins in the silly things.

Also on Ipswich Labour’s website, David Ellesmere has written a disingenuous and confusing post that insinuates that Suffolk County Council are to blame for longer A&E waiting times. He claims that waiting times have increased by 300%. Where does he get this figure from? Probably out of thin air.

He then claims there is an epidemic in malnutrition, though there is no evidence of this.

He then says that people had to stay in hospital longer due to not getting  the necessary care package in place. Does Councillor Ellesmere know that doctors, care workers and social services are all involved with setting up care packages, so they naturally take time to be put in place?

He then talks about care homes in Suffolk needing improvement. As Care Homes are either run by councils including IBC as well as private companies, this has nothing to do with the NHS. He says that reports of physical, sexual and emotional abuse against vulnerable adults in Suffolk has increased by 45%. This is because at one time they wouldn’t have been reported at all even though they occurred.

So David Ellesmere is merely attempting to upset people and disgracefully getting vulnerable people worried as part of a campaign for next years County Elections.

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1 Response to Labour’s Latest Whimsical NHS Campaign in Ipswich

  1. Katie Spearman says:

    They are so out of touch.

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