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Under 50% voted in the Richmond bye election so the new MP has no mandate. People didn’t know what they were voting for. There needs to be a second bye election in the constituency to clarify the result. As a matter of fact, we should let the high Court decide if it should go on a vote of parliament before a second by election because the result in Richmond is not what anybody voted for. Nobody understood the difference between hard bullshit and soft bullshit, as a matter of fact, nobody knew what bullshit means. So their needs to be a rerun of the bye election to determine what bullshit the people support.


Euro Fed Busy Body

Eurofedralist fanatic Guy Verhofstadt rejoiced in the Lib Dem victory claiming it was the end of Brexit, when he should have minded his own business. But his intervention nicely reminded a lot of us why we voted to leave.

That most odious of Lib Dem MP’s, Anna Soubry, rejoiced in her party’s bye election victory and claimed Brexit wasn’t going to happen.

Hard Brexit is the only type of Brexit there is and typically disingenuous Lib Dem, Anna Sourface,  is claiming there are different types of Brexit to confuse the people to stop the democratic will of the people taking place. Some claim that she is Blue Labour, but the reality is, she is as red as Martlesham Lion and is most at home with the anti democratic, illiberal, regressive, extreme left of the Liberal Democrats.


Here is the newly elected MP for Richmond explaining th eLib Dem position so well.

It’s not democracy. There needs to be a second bye election. The majority of her constituents didn’t vote for her. It’s not fair! I spent the whole day crying when I heard the result. Ignorant, selfish people voted Lib Dem and ruined our future. Such intellectually inferior people shouldn’t be allowed to vote.
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