Internal Party Politics in Ipswich

A while ago the author of the dRoss Blog wrote a post about internal politics which can be read here. He was right when he said that some make a living of spending their time on internal politics. As a matter of fact in politics the internal clandestine intrigue, plotting and skulduggery within parties is by far, what many believe politics is all about. It is what they refer to as high politics.  In some cases, such trivial matters as election results and serving the public are of no interest to them.

In Ipswich, all main parties have internal politics that those who have entered politics wanting to help people find exasperatingly annoying.

Amongst the Ipswich Conservatives, the internal politics tends to revolve around a group of people who are referred to as the inner clique. The inner clique holds absolute power so that the views of those outside it are irrelevant. Obtaining membership of the inner clique has to be achieved within the first year of joining the association. New members of the inner clique are announced at the yearly AGM. This is done by an extremely emetic part of the meeting called the annual prize giving (also known as the inner clique love in) where they present cups to each other for various things while those outside the inner clique feel like they are on the rigging of a ship in a hurricane. If anybody has been initiated into the inner clique within the last year, they are awarded one of the cups, to notify other members of their initiation.

Amongst the Ipswich Lib Dems, the internal politics revolves around a central committee which is made up of Chairman Cathy French, Vice Chairman Cathy French, Campaign Manager Cathy French, Treasurer Julie Fletcher, Administration Officer Cathy French, candidate selection panel Cathy French, Cathy French and Cathy French, Membership Secretary Cathy French, Campaign Coordinator Millie the Cat and vice Campaign Coordinator Cathy French. A number of members would like to get on the committee and have spoken to East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger of their frustration. They also asked us not to reveal the inner workings of the Ipswich Lib Dems on this blog, so naturally we are doing just that. We have also been informed that the committee is in constant disagreement and can’t decide on anything apart from the notion that they are intellectually superior and the notion that democracy is evil.

In Ipswich Labour the internal politics is made up of a divide between a number of factions. Two such factions are the Ellesmere faction and the Rudkin faction. These two factions are constantly fighting each other wanting superiority on the council.  Another two factions at war with each other are the IBC faction and the SCC faction. The SCC faction finds the IBC faction’s sense of power ridiculous in light of the fact that all IBC has control over is wheelie bins and dog mess. Then of course there is the faction that wants a Labour government who are against the faction in control who are adherents of the Jeremy Corbyn cultus. These last two mentioned factions are at total war with each other. There is such a divide that the two factions will not campaign together. There is absolute animosity between them which often spills over on Twitter with Alasdair Ross et all attacking Barmy Bolshevik Blogger, Andrew Coates, Shelly Darwin and other Corbyn devotees. The war on twitter has got so bloody that Comrade Coates decided to block his favourite blogger to limit the damage being caused by the open civil war within Ipswich Labour.

Alasdair Ross said on his blog a while ago

Some make a living of spending their time on internal politics and that was always my concern about momentum, their main aim was to push the party to the left (and make sure they took control of the internal party machine) rather than win an election.

Which of course is true. Internal politics is Corbyn’s henchtrot’s thing. They have no interest in winning external elections or having anything to do with the electorate. This was demonstrated in Richmond where Labour got less votes than it has members. Internal politics is the only thing that matters to them, to the point where they couldn’t bothered to go down the polling station. Those who want to engage with the electorate and win elections are despised by the Corbynites and are called Blairites.

Alasdair Ross said

After attending recent Labour meetings it is become obvious that calling someone a ‘Blairite’ is one of the most cruel comments you can use against anyone

A Blairite is somebody who wants to make a difference in the real world and would like under Blair have a catastrophic election victory, while true socialists like the Corbynites believe in people like Michael Foot who was a true visionary who lead the party to a glorious defeat. Both sides hate each other.

The two factions campaign separately each week with with the Blairites talking to voters while the Corbynites have stalls in the town centre that are arranged to discourage people from voting Labour.


Corbynite’s discouraging people from voting Labour on Saturday

With the Corbynites in control of Ipswich Labour, a number of sitting councillors are likely to be deselected and as internal politics is the Corbynite forte, Ipswich Labour are in dire trouble.

As Alasdair Ross also said

The Left have always had the ability to turn on each other

This is true to the point where the internal politics of Ipswich Labour is so rancid that they are destroying the local party and long may they continue to do so.

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