The Reductions to Park and Ride

Suffolk County Council, which hasn’t a single cabinet member who lives in Ipswich is holding Park and Ride to ransom and has endangered the town’s bus company, also has the cheek to tell Ipswich Borough Council to raise its car parking charges.

Here the Morning Ipswich Star reports

A new deal for Ipswich Park and Ride has been agreed by Suffolk County Council’s cabinet with members of the Conservative administration backing the proposal to slash the service’s subsidy.

Current transport spokesman James Finch told the meeting that he was very pleased with the agreement he had reached with First Buses to operate the park and ride service from Copdock and Martlesham to the town centre with no subsidy for the buses themselves.

However his predecessor Graham Newman said it would always be difficult to attract motorists to leave their cars on the edge of town when it was possible to find cheap parking in the centre of Ipswich.

I suggested having the 13 go to the Park and Ride. It would have saved money and lead to a bus leaving there every 15 minutes. Naturally they said they liked the idea but as they prefer cuts in services, I was wasting my time suggesting it. Besides, they hate Ipswich. Meaning that the reduction in the Park and Ride leading to an increase in parked cars in the Pimpernel Road and London Road areas of town is of no concern to them.

We need a Greater Ipswich Unitary Authority.

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