Ipswich Labour Involved in Truth Telling Shocker

Ipswich Labour have shockingly told the truth, A Riverside View can exclusively reveal. After years of telling the electorate that new council houses have been built in Ipswich because  it has a Labour council, The Borough leader has today told the truth about why new council houses were built.

Here he says

The way the Government is doing this is through cuts to the “New Homes Bonus”.

This is a scheme the Government set up to encourage councils to build more houses. For each new home built in an area, the Government effectively matches the council tax raised for six years, – around £1,600 a year in Ipswich. This year we received £2.25m in New Homes Bonus.

So there you have it. Ipswich Borough Council built new council houses due to funding by the previous Conservative lead government and the present Conservative government, not because we have a Labour council.

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