Review of 2016

2016 has been marked by the deaths of lots of famous people but I shall not go into that.

Another thing we have seen in 2016 is the demise of Ipswich Town, meaning that as in 2015 we saw the shy Tory phenomenon, due to the left being so full of hate, bigotry and vitriol, in 2016 we first came across the phenomenon of shy Ipswich Town fans,due to season ticket holders staying at home because they’re to embarrassed to be seen at Portman Road. As I’m writing this, I believe that 2017 shall be a better year for Ipswich Town and we will finish above our friends up the road.

Of course the main thing we have seen the death of this year, is the death of the illiberal, regressive, neo-liberal consensus. With both Brexit and Trump, we saw that the super rich, elite can no longer boss around the general population and feather their nests at the expense of the poor. Though clearly they believe they can still run roughshod over the people, hence their high court battles, calls for a second referendum and basic self serving shenanigans in their war against democracy. They have confirmed what many of us said about the EUSSR being for the super rich and against everybody else. So I guess we Brexiteers should thank them. 2017 shall see Article 50 triggered and Great Britain becoming a free, self governing, democratic nation again.

Happy New Year to all our readers.

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