Ipswich and Norwich UKIP Targets?

According to the political traitor of Clacton, Douglas Carswell, Paul Nuttell’s leadership of UKIP makes Ipswich and Norwich ripe targets for the Kippers.

According to the EDP here, he says.

“There are some former Labour strongholds in East Anglia. There is Ipswich and Norwich. I see these as areas that are very much ripe for Ukip to target. I think Ukip needs to become competitive in Ipswich and Norwich in particular.”

Obviously Douglas Carswell is as out of touch as those within the establishment who thought that Remain was going to win.

First of all, all of East Anglia voted to leave the undemocratic, totalitarian, poverty creating dictatorship apart from Cambridge which benefits from people in Westminster actually knowing where it is and Norwich voted Remain too, confirming what us Ipswich people have always said. Not only did Norwich vote to stay in the democracy hating, glorified elitists dinner club, Norwich is where the nefarious, bigoted, neo-liberal publication, The New European is based. It’s Christmas edition was ram packed with smug, stuck up bigoted snobbery towards all who do not hold to its duzzy squit. So the whole idea of our friends up Britian’s longest country lane, voting UKIP is somewhat far fetched.

Ipswich people did the right thing and voted to be free from the meddling, sovereignty destroying, rum ol buggers of the EU. But the prospect of UKIP making any progress in Ipswich is so far off, it’s abroad somewhere. This isn’t primarily due to Labour under Jeremy Corbyn being utterly rubbish and unelectable, but due to the fact that in Ipswich UKIP haven’t a clue how to run a successful campaign. Hence the main area campaign coordinators for Vote Leave in Ipswich were virtually all Tories with a couple of Labour activists. So on paper, Mr Carswell seems to be talking balderdash.

Howsomever, Douglas seem to be calling for an underhand campaign.

The EDP says

But he called for a focus on areas where there was a sitting MP “trying to frustrate the views of the people in the referendum”. “That is where I think there are opportunities for us. There may be MPs who voted remain but have accepted the view of their constituents, but if there is any sense they are trying to frustrate the Brexit process – then both barrels.”

By this, we can workout that the political traitor of Clacton thinks Ipswich can be targeted because our brilliant MP supported remaining in the EU. Carswell would like UKIP to insinuate that Ben may do all he can to frustrate Brexit. As a leave campaigner and local Tory, I make it absolutely clear that Mr Gummer has accepted the result and fully supports the will of the British people. As a matter of fact, Ben Gummer supports Brexit to the point where one Ipswich Tory Remainiac is upset about it. But as this person is rather slippery, I’m very pleased about his disappointment. So Ben Gummer supports Brexit, we are leaving the EU because the cabinet with Ben Gummer in it fully supports the will of the British people. Mr Carswell will just have to sit on his own by the vulterine Lib Dems.

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