Tackling Voting Fraud

Councils in England, including Bradford and Birmingham, will trial the pilot scheme at local elections in 2018.

The government said it would “ensure the integrity” of the electoral system.

Labour said it amounted to voter “suppression”.

Why would Labour be against this? Is it because electoral fraud is their forte?

When it comes to dead people voting, postal votes disappearing and the like, Labour have the unsavoury track record.

One of the councils where the scheme shall be piloted if Peterborough. Conservative MP  for Peterborough, Stewart Jackson  says

I’m delighted that Peterborough is to be part of the Voter ID pilot scheme to combat electoral fraud – and not before time. We still need to do more on postal votes and coercion. The fact that Ken Livingstone opposes the scheme probably means it’s a great idea.

Here he says

“This is long overdue and the city has been associated for too long with nefarious and criminal electoral practices and this must end so that our elections are clean and fair.

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