The End of Ipswich Spy

A once vibrant local political blog after decades of providing amusement, annoyance, vindictiveness, pretence and bullshit, Ipswich Spy is coming to an end.

Ipswich Spy started off around 2008 as a local version of Guido. and quickly became a source of much intrigue. It was at its prime during the 2010 General Election. Later in 2010 a better local political blog was founded. Ipswich Spy continued to provide political comedy commentary through the Andrea Hill divestment saga at Suffolk County Council. With the appointment of Mark Bee as leader of SCC, Ipswich Spy started to wane.

More recently Ipswich Spy decided to diversify and became which was a more general news site. The problem was, all the authors were politicos spouting their political agenda in other ways. Now it has reverted back to being a political site which doesn’t tell us any news but merely tells us what we already know. So they have decided to end it.

Speaking exclusively to East Anglia’s Premier Political Blog, the Loathed One said

Next week or so Spy will officially be gone.

The closure of Ipswich Spy means that there shall be no more balanced, neutral political commentary in the local political blogosphere. At it’s peak Ipswich Spy was very bias towards David Ellesmere and Ipswich Labour, so Ipswich Labour have lost a mouthpiece.

We wish the founders and main contributors of Ipswich Spy all the best for the future.

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4 Responses to The End of Ipswich Spy

  1. Ken Bates says:

    What could’ve been an excellent alternative news source for Ipswich dies a death. If directors of the company hadn’t lost interest on other projects, things could’ve been different for the Spy. Ipswich really needs another news website… Any takers?

  2. John Thurlow says:

    Good ridence to it. It was crap.

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