Diplomatic Skulduggery by Israel?

Israeli Embassy employee Shai Masot, made vow to ‘take down’ Foreign Office deputy Sir Alan Duncan.

Here The Mail on Sunday reports

Extraordinarily, he is egged on by a senior aide to another Conservative Minister, Robert Halfon.

The video comes in a film claiming to expose the way that the Israeli government has ‘infiltrated’ both the Conservative and Labour parties via its embassy in the UK, using secret cash and covert support.

Further footage shows the Israeli diplomat, intelligence expert Shai Masot, telling senior Labour MP Joan Ryan that he has obtained ‘more than £1 million’ to pay for sympathetic Labour MPs to visit Israel.

Mr Masot also mocks ‘crazy’Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn and his ‘weirdo’ supporters.

Footage shows pro-Israel Labour activists discussing the Israeli government’s secret role in backing their activities.


By this we can ascertain that Corbyn and his pro Palestinian henchtrots are considered a joke and not a threat to Israel’s continued oppression of the Palestinians. While Pro Palestinian Conservatives (of which I am one) scare the hell out of them. We can also ascertain that Labour Friends of Israel have as much contempt for this country as Corbyn and his henchtrots. Conspiring with a foreign state against another member of parliament is traitorous.

The Israeli ambassador in London has apologized.

From Here

The embassy said Ambassador Mark Regev had spoken to Duncan on Friday, apologized for the comments and made clear that the embassy considered the remarks to be completely unacceptable.

A spokesman for the British Foreign office confirmed the Israeli ambassador had apologized, and said it was clear the comments did not reflect the views of the embassy or the government of Israel.

Apparently Shai Masot’s employment with the Israeli embassy is about to come to an end. Whether  he has been sacked for a dismissible offence like getting caught conspiring, we can not ascertain.

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  1. In this connection people interested in the subject of how Palestinians fare when passing through Israeli checkpoints to get to their work or even their own fields might like to make a note in their diaries that Ipswich Amnesty group plan a public meeting with speakers who have been to the checkpoints to act as Ecumenical Accompaniers. The meeting is to be on Friday June 23rd 7pm at the Ipswich Quaker Meeting House, 39 Fonnereau Road.

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