Migrants Should Learn English says Chuckup


An All-Party Parliamentary Group on Social Integration, chaired by Labour’s Chuckup Umunna, proposed a range of measures to tackle division, including mandatory English classes and the creation of local action plans.

Chuckup said:

It’s clear that immigration has impacted on different communities in different ways and the pace of change has alarmed many.

Amazing isn’t it? It’s as if they’ve suddenly worked out the obvious. The obvious being that Multiculturalism is a form of apartheid.

Chuckup Umunna has said that migrants to Britain should learn English. As Chuckup accused The Irrepressible Nigel of being racist for saying the same thing, this is quite a U-Turn. It’s amazing what talking to  a few people outside the London Bubble can do. This should encourage his fellow illiberal, regressive lefty friends to avoid the regions like the plague in case they are also afflicted by such radical,  common sense views.

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