Norwich Labour’s Railway Campaign

Norwich Labour have started this year campaigning about rail services as part of a left wing campaign including rail strikes in other parts of the country designed to bring down a democratically elected government.

Norwich Labour started the year campaigning at Norwich railway station. They were giving out litter with a rail ticket design and it just so happens that East Anglia’s Premier Political Blogger has  obtained one of them. It has Labour’s plan to take us back to the 1970’s and the infamous British Rail Sandwich. Their stupid plan is to renationalise the railways and subsidize them with their mythical magic money tree.

They also moaned about rural services into Norwich as if Jeremy of Islington would care about them. Let’s face it! North Norfolk is irrelevant. North London is all what matters to Corbyn and his henchtrots. They also demonstrated with the Norwich Green Party outside Norwich train station about the new year increase in fares. But naturally Norwich Labour  are saying nothing about Labour mayor of London, Sadiq Khan increasing tube fares in London which Norwich people would also have to pay on their arrival in the capital, after making an election promise that he wouldn’t.

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2 Responses to Norwich Labour’s Railway Campaign

  1. But our East Anglian railway is nationalised! Hasn’t that been noticed yet? Well as more and more coaches and locomotives start to have the logo of a state railway system painted on them it will become more clear. Just one slight problem. The logo is that of the Dutch State Railways. And to think that Britain was the inventor of the railway!

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