Save IBC Crèche Services

There are currently crèche services provided at Whitton Sports Centre, Gainsborough Sports Centre and Crown Pools. The crèche services provided currently cost the Council approximately £65,000 per annum, which isn’t a lot considering the whole budget of IBC. The current crèche provision is for a total of 45 hours per week across the three facilities. Ipswich Labour plan to end all crèche facilities. At the meeting of the Executive last night the reasons for closing the crèche facilities were frankly diabolical.  But the good news is, A Riverside View is going to campaign to keep the crèche provisions in place.

I shall be asking a question at full council next week  in regard to this.

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4 Responses to Save IBC Crèche Services

  1. John Thurlow says:

    They are closing children’s centres after all that fuss they made about Sure Start centres? The filthy hypocrites!

  2. SlinkySam says:

    Fuck. This fake news site is worse than ever. Labour are not doing such a thing. Kevin is another little Bonehill.

  3. Julie says:

    My friend uses the creche at Crown Pools and she’s only just found out through this blog. Doesn’t Ipswich Labour feel that telling the public is important? Horrible people.

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