The Ipswich Pravda

Ipswich Labour want to spend Gipping Ward residents council tax on having the Royal Mail deliver the Ipswich Pravda Angle outside the borough so that residents in Pinewood and Brookhall can be informed about what Ipswich Labour Borough Council is doing while Gipping Ward residents continue to not get a copy of it. The King of Gipping has a very strong view about this. As a matter of fact, round the throne the thunder roars.

Apparently this is some sort of marketing strategy which I must say is not very good.

As many readers may have guessed, I shall be asking a question about this at the next full council meeting.

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1 Response to The Ipswich Pravda

  1. John Thurlow says:

    The Angle is funded by our council tax? I didn’t realise that. Whenever I get a copy I just throw it in the bin.

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