Ipswich Labour on Potholes

In Ipswich Labour’s latest junk mail is a piece on potholes. It claims that Labour will invest in getting rid of them.

First of all, Ipswich Labour are wrong trying to put it across that it’s because Suffolk County Council don’t care about Ipswich. Roads across the county are riddled with potholes. Some villages look like they’ve had a drone strike. There is an estimated 26,000 of the things across Suffolk. As a matter of fact I know of two cases where people’s tyres blew out and they successfully sued the county council but the potholes remained for a ridiculously long time afterwards.

Secondly, Ipswich Labour talk of investing in in the issue but investment isn’t the problem. This Conservative government has given  £1.4 Million to Suffolk County Council to fix the 26,000 potholes across the county. So the problem isn’t investment. Last April I publicly spoke out about the fact that the money is there to deal with the problem and Pickwick Road was scheduled to be done this time last year.  Pickwick Road still hasn’t been done. I wrote to the county council in April with no reply. So to a point, I’ll give Ipswich Labour this one. But as I said, it’s not a problem with investment, the money is there. The county council needs to bloody well get on with sorting out this county wide problem

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2 Responses to Ipswich Labour on Potholes

  1. A friend who used to work for the SCC told me that in the old days when SCC had its own labour force to repair potholes, it would just send out a team to repair on being told about it. Now, in this era of ‘public service bad, private enterprise good’, there is a great rigmarole to be gone through before a repair gets underway

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