Ipswich Labour’s Lies about Fire Service

Ipswich Labour’s latest junk mail has the headline 12,000 Suffolk Residents Say Save Our Fire Service. Sounds like a lot of people doesn’t it? Well it isn’t. Here are some population statistics for Suffolk.

Ipswich 133,384
Lowestoft 71,000
Bury St Edmunds 42,000
Haverhill 27,041
Felixstowe 23,689
Newmarket 20,384

So there’s more people living in Newmarket than people who are worried about our fire service. As when it comes to petitions, some people are so willing to jump on the bandwagon that they’d sign one to have their house demolished, that statistic that Ipswich Labour are giving is utterly worthless.

Then Ipswich Labour tell some lies. It claims that the Tories plan to take away another fire engine. That is a complete and utter lie!

Suffolk County Council was prepared to give Ipswich the same cover as Luton has. Luton has three fire engines, a bigger population (240,000) and a higher number of call outs. Instead the County Council has left Ipswich with three engines and a rapid response vehicle. At an Area Committee a while ago I asked if the road layout of Ipswich was put into account. It has. So public safety is not at risk and our present fire service is safe. But Ipswich Labour never let the truth get in the way of a good story.

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1 Response to Ipswich Labour’s Lies about Fire Service

  1. Julie says:

    How horrible is Ipswich Labour to frighten people like that

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